Nirou Moharekeh Manufacturing Company was initially established in 1986 under the name of “Nirou Moharekeh Trading Company” as one of the companies affiliated to “Nirou Moharekeh Industrial Group” with the investment of “Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran” and started operation aiming to provide commercial services including domestic and foreign procurement, customs services, sales and after-sales service of all products of Nirou Moharekeh Industrial Group.
The company also as one of the first companies in Iran specialized in fields of joint manufacturing (through contractors), designing and assembling, took on the task of localization (domestic manufacturing) of parts and assemblies required by Nirou Moharekeh plants through reverse engineering.
By 1996, products of Nirou Moharekeh group included Moped Bravo and scooter Vespa produced under license of Piaggio from Italy and also Mist Blower Mazraeh for farming.
In the same year, Nirou Moharekeh prepared and provided plan of production of a new motorcycle called as NAMI-CG125 CDI with 4-Stroke engine which was approved by Ministry of Industry among various proposals. Therefore, Nirou Moharekeh was permitted to produce mentioned 4-Stroke engine as the first manufacturer of such engine in the country.
In recent years, considering plans, requirements and regulations of government in order to reduce fuel consumption as well as national comprehensive plan to control air pollution, Nirou Moharekeh has put in priority the production of EFI and electric motorcycles aiming to develop country’s clean transportation and assist reduction of air pollutants.
in accordance with this new policy, Nirou Moharekeh produced and launched several EFI motorcycles including QM 170, QM 249, QM 200, RX249 ، Z3-249 ،Z1-180 as well as four electric motorcycles with powers 500W, 800W, 1500W and 2000W.
In order to develop its products range, Nirou Moharekeh also produced and launched some new products including EFI scooters Toscana 150 and KR150 and also e-scooter Nami EL300 recently.