Motorcycle market

Motorcycle market

Description on existing status and prospects in the country’s motorcycle industry

In recent years, the Iranian motorcycle industry has been accompanied by a broad developments. The lack of government intervention and its faint presence on motorcycles production and its competition in this area are one of the most important features of this industry in Iran and motorcycle producers in Iran can claim to be totally present in competitive and non – governmental environment.

Another important issue that the widespread developments of this guild can be related to is a significant demand for the market. The amount of considerable increase in demand in recent years has generated a set of conditions for manufacturers, which creates diversity in the field of manufacturing and has provided various products for different tastes in the market.

It can be rightly said that motorcycle is considered an important commodity because of the complexities of modern life and the relations governing the society.

The difference between the current and past market is very evident, it is enough to have a glimpse at the guilds related to this industry. The manufacturing companies developing their activities and thinking about expanding their markets due to the obvious and hidden attractiveness of the market and the significant added value of the sales result.

Wholesalers are turning to manufacturing and jointly or independently assembling and manufacturing motorcycles. Retailers have become regional distributors and retailers, and interestingly, repairmen and service guilds have also set up retail outlets and it can be seen that many merchants and other businessmen of other industries have also directed a large part or share of their capital and labor force to this market due to the favorable perspective of this market.

  • The importance of using a motorcycle in many daily affairs is evident, speeding up commuting, and transportation of goods, facilitating service affairs such as collecting debts, food distribution, proceeding and implementation administrative affairs, as well as facilitating agricultural and rural affairs. … Is considered as a general example of the applications of this product and reflects the role and importance of motorcycles in today’s society.
  • With all the positive prospects that can be imagined for the country’s motorcycle market, there are, unfortunately, manufacturers who look at the market non-expertly. They are more interested in daily income than improving the quality of this product and gaining consumer satisfaction. Opposite to this view are rooted companies that think of fixing their position in the market and consider the condition of their fixation as basic attention to qualitative issues and meeting the expectations and needs of consumers.
  • A stable presence in this market belongs to those who think about the end, not the day. Quality and quantity are two wings of the same flight, these factors must be used together, sales and service are both conditions for success. In their planning and activities on the basis of market needs and customers ‘ demands, they consider their continuous presence rather than merely merchants and intermediaries who have a remunerative and profitable view to this market. For companies and existing retailers in the motorcycle industry field, with attention to the wage-earner class of society, ie workers, employees and teachers, as well as the new generation of the population should be considered both strategy and tactics, any planning for distribution and sales without considering income and nature of this class characteristics will not lead to pleasant results.
  • With an overview of the relations and relations governing the field of production and distribution, It is observed that, today, the motorcycle market of Iran is divided into small share because of the present functions and with the exception of several large manufacturers who have separated themselves from others due to high financial capabilities and considerable facilities, The rest of the companies are working with smaller shares in this field. This statistic confirms that about 50% of the distribution share of the Iranian motorcycle market is at the discretion of 12 companies and about 80 companies share in the remaining 50%.
  • Some current features and components in the society such as targeting subsidies, relative increase in prices, fuel quotas and on the other hand the many complexities of urban problems such as traffic and also changing consumer tastes, have generated a clear vision for the motorcycle industry over the next few years .This is confirmed by the entry of new competitors to the market in recent months, as well as the news that several new start-ups will start operating in the very near future.
  • As mentioned, this market is owned by those who have a strategic and long-term view of it, not those whose thinking is merely “tactical and up-to-date”. The profit-making and share of this market is owned by those who can use exploit from the contradictions in this market. Topics such as population growth, unemployment, dependence of the inactive population on the active population, huge food, health, housing and fuel costs (gasoline), are surrounding information about this market. Activists and effective people of this market pay attention to these data and use their analysis to increase the domestic market share. The successful producer should bring these data from the margins to the text and make them a tool in the context of achieving its goals, and in short, for analyze and evaluation the phenomenon such as market, we cannot use a copy other than the market itself and its executive mechanisms and properly the logic of evolutions should be searched in the market itself.

Sales department – Niro Moharkeh Production Company – December 2011

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