Why motorcycles?

Why motorcycles?

A description of the position and necessities of using a motorcycle

Have you ever paid attention to the streets of your city and the massive volume motorcyclists in traffic? The traffic of this huge volume of motorcyclists cannot be without reason, and it is true that the riders of this vehicle can be searched among all classes and social strata such as engineers, teachers, technicians, installers, workers, marketers and etc. In particular, most of these groups, despite having a car, due to the problem of parking their cars, as well as traffic and obstruction, have to stop their cars in the parking lot of their homes and travel by motorcycle.

It seems that the main reason for choosing a motorcycle, despite all the potential problems of this vehicle, is the ease of transportation and speeding up the work and social affairs. Features such as low cost service, low fuel consumption compared to cars, as well as accommodation to the budget of a large segment of society are also among the reasons for the popularity of motorcycles these days. Generally, dense urban textures are usually filled with narrow streets and narrow forks and lanes that are occupied by cars, and no vehicle will be able to pass through this heavy and dense traffic, unless there is a limited amount of space across that street for traffic and necessarily the only vehicle that has this feature is a motorcycle.

In the passage of time, when the motorcycle was considered as a public vehicle and to achieve these aforementioned goals, it was noticed by the public, Yesterday and today, those involved in this industry put an increasing effort to produce products with high quality, acceptable, compatible with environmental issues and safe on their agenda, so that today we can witness the existence of big names in the motorcycle industry.

Despite the economic pressures on the motorcycle industry, this industry was able to show a significant leap in the past few years and by focusing consumer needs and supporting sales agents, maintain its position among other industries in the country and have a useful economic function.

With a quick look at the streets of the cities where we live, we see the movement of various types of motorcycles, in different classes, models and volumes.

The development of the motorcycle industry in the world, fortunately, has not left our country unlucky, and therefore we are witnessing the presentation of various products to the market in accordance with the tastes of the enthusiasts.

Accordingly, the production and assembly of a variety of motorcycles ranging from 50 cc to 250 cc from scooter to Sports is on the agenda of manufacturing. But what is the main reason for this difference in the volume and type of motorcycles?

For some time, the supply of expensive motorcycles , which are clearly promoting sports and leisure aspects of the motorcycle world , has been expanding and has influenced the market. This group of motorcycles, which includes scooters and cobs to trails and crosses, and products from Taiwan to Italy, and from Austria to Spain and even China. In fact, they have been able to open a new choice in our country’s market both technically and in terms of appearance and safety, and to end the exclusive dominance of the 125 CG motorcycle. This important development has caused the motorcycle to go beyond exclusively work and consumption and to attract a wide range of enthusiasts in all walks of life.

It is evident that consumers in such a situation who are looking for high quality as well as a different appearance for their work engine have a reasonable justification for paying the cost and getting the highest level of satisfaction .

Among these, the best work motorcycles are in accordance with the continent of big cities such as Tehran, are small scooters (50 cc to 150 cc) or Cub model. Having small dimensions, low consumption, suitable height, low sound pollution and proper price, has put these products at the top of the sales lists of companies and manufacturers.

After this group, we can mention the street motorcycles that have more movability than the cub models, big wheels and powerful engine along with higher suspension and higher speed, could keep this group of motorcycles in the second place and attract consumers who do not interact with Cobb class products.

After these two best-selling groups, the trail class motorcycle should be mentioned. High-height motorcycle with 21-inch rims at the front and generally 18-inch at the rear, high suspension with very high maneuverability compared to the other two competitors, as well as powerful engines with high movability along with unique physical coordinates, enables the rider to cross rural, desert, mountainous and impassable roads that no other motorcycle can handle. And the last class are sports motorcycles, with an interesting and elegant appearance that is derived from their movability, they always have special fans and despite the comparatively dry ride and high fuel consumption, they do not disappoint their fans and add the recreational aspect of motorcycles in a real meaning.

In the meantime, there are other different classes which due to their uncommonness in the country, we skipped them in our review.

With the above explanation, it can be concluded that the choice of a motorcycle type is the most key step before purchasing it, because each of the classes described will have countless positive and negative points where the resultant of these strengths and weaknesses will help the buyer in the final choice according to the  his needs, conditions and facilities.

Prepared and arranged by: Mohammad Reza Derakhshan

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